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What's In My Bag:

Wheelchair Edition

  In this blog post I'll be sharing with you the essentials that I carry with me everywhere I go. Now, I may not have the equipment that some people with Muscular Dystrophy need but just like any other person in the world I've have necessities that I have to carry with me. If you have any medical needs of any sort you'd know that doctor's offices can be brutally cold, even in the summer.  I'm sure a few of you know the difficulty that comes with holding a handbag when sitting in a wheelchair: there just isn't room for it. It usually winds up sitting on your lap. I have realized that carrying my phone and some cash in a clutch on my lap works great and helps me to feel like any other woman with her purse, but the bigger, more important things I keep in my backpack and side bag on my wheelchair.

My backpack was a Christmas present given to my from my mom. She bought it from Tilly's and it's the perfect size for all my belongings. Plus, it goes with the color of my wheelchair. The previous bag I received from MDA camp but I wanted something prettier. My side bag is from a company called 
Advantage Bag company. They have different types of bags that you can choose from for your different needs. I bought it at the Mobility Expo held ever year at the Anehiem Convention Center.

  •  Chunky Cowl With Buttons  This has to be one of my favorite accessories that I own (which is why I listed it first). Isnt it amazing how just a scarf can keep your whole body warm? I love this piece because I don't feel like I'm sacrificing style for body heat. The big wooden buttons add so much character to it and compliments the blue so well. I bought it from Etsy and had the seller customize the color for me to match my beanie, free of charge, by the way. You can check out her shop here
  •  Multicolored Beanie   I bought this beanie from Nordstrom. They are my go to place for the cutest beanies. I was drawn to this particular one because it has all my favorite colors. I like that it has extra fabric in the back because it gives it a slouchy look. I feel like a skater chick when I wear it. Sometimes if I want to look a little more glamorous I'll pin a rhinestone brooch on it that got on sale at 
  • Leg Warmers   My mom always tells me that we lose our body heat from our head, hands and feet so I only use these when I really can't recover my body heat. When your sitting in a wheelchair it's very easy to lose warmth quickly because of lack of movement. We bought these at a dance studio near my house because they were the only ones we could find that fit my calves, haha. They aren't the prettiest but they work. 
  • Fingerless Gloves  All my closest friends and family know that I'm obsessed with owls of all kinds, so, the fact that these gloves/hand warmers have owls stitched into them is a bonus on top of the already obvious facts that they keep me warm and are blue which, I don't if you've guessed yet that that's my favorite color. These are also bought from Etsy. I think we're starting to sense a theme here. 
  • Blanket  In this case, I just so happened to have a blanket that wasn't to long that it gets caught in my wheels, or so short that it doesn't cover me. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that long blankets and wheels don't go together. I think a Snuggie would be also work well because they're not so thick that they can't be rolled up and made compact for travel. You can also push or steer your joy stick while still being fully cover and warm.          
Side Bag
  • Betsey Johnson Fox Coin Purse  I found this little gem on Poshmark when looking for something to carry my mini pharmacy with me. I was looking for something with some Kate Spade-esque personality but without the price tag. Because I bought this used it was more than half off the original retail price. 
  • Fossil Bi-fold Wallet  Keeping my wallet in my side bag is a way for me to ensure that I have my ID and debit card with me at all times because I can't be trusted to remember them when I decide to switch purses. Fossil always has a great selection of cute wallets and accessories. If it came down to choosing between a Louis Vuitton wallet or Fossil I'd hands down choose Fossil.          

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