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Minimalism is quite the trend these days but let me make it clear that I didn't intend to have a small makeup collection.  If I could I would have more.
       A lot of makeup doesn't work for me because of my disease. It's just another thing that sucks up and spits out my energy. I've tried other makeup but it never seems to work out. For instance, mascara is so heavy on my lashes that I have to work hard to keep my eyes open. Another reason big reason why I don't wear a lot of makeup is because I have ultra sensitive skin. I never used to get zits on my cheeks until I used a blush from the drugstore and I've been suffering the consequences ever since. Plus, why would I spend my energy putting on makeup before going out rather than saving it to actually be able to got out?
      Earlier this year I wanted to find a liquid or gel eyeliner but each one I tried just ended up transferring to my hooded eyelids. I also hated buying, using and then eventually returning the product because I new it would just end up in the trash. One day I went to church with my mom and as we were leaving a member decided to chat with us outside. It was a cold, windy day and my eyes were watering like crazy. When we finally got in the car I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that my eyeliner was dripping down my face. My mom and I still laugh about it to this day. 
      So I've found some holy grails that are simple and make me feel put together as well as help me achieve a look that I'm happy with. 


I don't use a foundation for my face because of all the extra steps and there's really no need to cover my whole face. I've found that just concealing my blemishes is enough. I use the 
Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Heal Concealer because it contains salicylic acid that helps to heal my acne, like the name says. The salicylic acid is only 0.06% so the formula isn't dry like othe products with salicylic acid can be. When applying I tend to use my fingers since I'm in no condition to be cleaning brushes or a beauty blender.  It's not full coverage but it is buildable. Looking airbrushed is not a priority for me so having my flaws show through just a little doesn't bother me. As long as it neutralizes the redness, I'm good.


Even if I'm lounging around the house I like to do my brows because it defines my eyes and makes my sparse Asian brows look thicker, darker and fuller. I love using the 100% Pure Green Tea Fiber Brow Gel because it's basically a one step process. For me that's the best part. There's no need for pencils or brushes. The gel doesn't leave your brows glossy or crunchy either, which I love. It's made with fibers from the green tea leaf instead of silk so it's great if you're vegan. The dyes in the product are from cocoa powder and coffee beans. Isn't that cool? No mica or titanium oxides. 


When it comes to lipstick I could honestly own a whole drawer full. But I don't because that would just be wasteful. Although I'm not opposed to buying slightly used cosmetics and then sanitizing them. 
     Lipstick is great for me because, again, it's a one step process. You swipe it on and your out the door. 
      I try to buy only cruelty free and vegan lipsticks. Now, cruelty free and vegan doesn't always mean that all the ingredients are healthy it just means that there are no animal byproducts in the makeup product. I'd like to own more natural ones with better ingredients but I decided I had better use up the ones I own first.         
       My favorites include:
All of these are either cruelty and/or vegan. The ColourPop and 100% Pure ones are great because they leave a stain on your lips so after you eat it still looks like there's a wash of color. Neither one has a smell or taste which I love because who wants that weird, lipstick taste in their mouth? Yuck!
         Along with my sensitive skin I also have sensitive lips so I did a lot of research to try and find a liquid lipstick that wouldn't kill my lips. The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Hughes liquid lipsticks are unique because I feel like they only make the surface of my lips dry without penetrating deep down. One of the absolute best things about these liquid lipsticks is that they smell like my favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip! They're also awesome because they do not transfer and they last through eating and drinking. Oil will only break it down if you smear it all over your lips. Which I doubt you'd do unless you'd want to look like a clown or when you're actually planning on removing it in the privacy of your own home. 
         Usually, I'm not a fan of having my lipsticks taste like mint but the Aveda Nourish-Mint lipsticks are just sutile enough for me. I love that Sultra gives me that your-lips-but-better hint of color. It goes on creamy and has a matte finish but the shimmer in it keeps it from looking flat. 

          So, those are my holy grails that are in my accidental minimalist makeup collection. If you like this please share, comment and/or subscribe. Please let me know how much you enjoyed this post or if there's anything I need to improve on. I can't do this without you!