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I've had a pixie cut for about three years now and to be honest, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I would never go back. Believe it or not, eleven years ago my hair was so long that I could sit on it. A friend of mine had donated her hair to a cancer organization that makes your hair into wigs and I decided I would too. I ended up donating almost twelve inches of it!

         When it came to figuring out which specific cut would work for me I gradually went shorter and shorter so that I could perfect the exact length and style that I liked and felt comfortable in. I recommend doing this instead of just chopping everything off because it gives you a chance to get used to the length. I also did a ton of research and talked to my stylist about what would work with my lifestyle. Keep in mind that everyone has different hair so what works for someone else's hair may not work for you. For example, my hair stylist made my layers longer in the back so that after I lay down I won't look like a porcupine (lol). I chose to keep my bangs on the longer side because it elongates my round face and looks better if I choose to wear a hat. 

 Less hair to wash   
     When you have a chronic illness taking baths and showers is not relaxing and is even put on the back burner when we're feeling our worst, so the less time spent bathing ourselves or having someone else bath us, the better. With a pixie cut you don't have to spend the extra time and strength waiting for your conditioner to sink in. That's a huge step that you can forget about! You'll also be saving money on shampoo. Who wouldn't love that?

Faster drying time
Drying my hair on my own is not an option. Long or short, it doesn't matter. The hair dryer is too heavy and I don't have the strength to keep my arms up for that long so my mom dries my hair for me. I remember being little and she would have to sit down in back of me on the couch to dry my hair. Now with a pixie it takes around ten minutes. If it takes any longer than that's an indication that I need a haircut, haha. 

No tangles
One of the worst things about having long hair are the tangles and they can become a constant annoyance when you spend a lot of your time laying around. Before I donated my hair I had undergone a big surgery to extract a piece of muscle from my thigh for diagnostic purposes. It left me unable to bare weight on my leg for a week and during that time I developed a massive knot in my hair that resembled a rat's nest. When I was little it was my chore to brush out my hair every morning before school. Now, the only time I use a brush is if I have a cowlick that won't cooperate. 

Long hair can be a lot to take care of for both you and/or your caregiver. If you've been thinking about getting a snip I hope you found this helpful. If you liked this please share, comment and/or subscribe. Please let me know how much you enjoyed this post or if there's anything I need to improve on. I can't do this without you!