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Lately I've come across the term "Spoonie" a lot in the chronic illness community. My curiosity finally got to me and I looked it up on Wikipedia. Turns out it's a metaphor that a girl in college came up with to explain to her friend how someone with chronic fatigue has to plan out their day. Spoons are used as a visual representation to measure the reduced amount of energy that person has. Each activity like cleaning or making a meal diminishes a persons energy, therefore subtracting a spoon from the group. That spoon can only be added back once the person rests and regains that energy. In short, the perfect explanation for my day to day life.

       As a spoonie I experience frequent down days that I call relapses. See my blog post about how I embrace the relapse. I can't exactly say that relapses are anything fun or enjoyable. Sometimes it takes complete sensory deprivation to get back on your feet and typical symptoms worsen substantially. So, I thought that maybe a change is in order. In this blog post I'll be sharing some cute ideas to take your next down day to the next level, in the best way possible. 

Pajamas/loungewear: When I feel my worst the last I want to do is to put effort into my appearance but that doesn't mean you nor I have to look homeless. There are plenty of options out there for cute and comfy loungewear. Urban Outfitters has some fleece jumpsuits and rompers and Forever 21 is stocked with fun graphic pajamas. 

Slippers: I've seen some seriously adorable slippers out there but the ones that grabbed my heart were the emoji ones! How can you feel anything but happy when wearing these? I found these on and they come in many sizes. 

Movie/TV Show: It's hard to find an activity where I can completely rest yet still enjoy myself (if you call laying around binge watching television an activity). When there isn't something good on TV my go to movie is The Fault in our Stars. I could literally watch it every few weeks and never get bored. 

Bath Salts: The bath salts bring in that spa feeling that's missing from every lay-around-day. The hot water may even help with that chronic pain. 

Candle: Certain smells can help to put you in a relaxing state of mind. TBH, I have a hard time with smells do to asthma so something like lavender would not be good for me. But I can handle things like coconut and apple cinnamon. Bath and Body Works makes some very tempting scents like one called Summer Boardwalk that smells like salted caramel popcorn. 

Head Massager: If your husband or boyfriend (or girlfriend) isn't home to give you a back rub, no worries. Just whip out your handy dandy head massager! But be careful, he might steal it from you. Click here to buy it from 

Mug: I'm a sucker for mugs so I couldn't leave one out of this kit. Nothing is better than cuddling up in a blanket with a hot drink in hand. Unless of course, if it's a hot summer day. Target has a great selection at low prices. 

iTunes Gift Card: Sort of like sending yourself a bouquet of flowers, give yourself the gift of music. Keep an iTunes gift card in your kit to give yourself something to look forward to the next time you're not feeling well. 

Facial Mask: A facial mask is a fun thing to add to your kit and doesn't take much effort. I think a sheet mask is a better idea than one that you have to apply with your hands because it's less of a mess. 

Some other things you could add to your kit:
  • Drink of choice
  • Coloring book
  • Blanket
  • Pillow
Your next relapse doesn't have to be as dreary as the last. I hope this post gave you some inspiration to make your own Spoonie Survival Kit. If you liked this please share, comment and/or subscribe. Please let me know how much you enjoyed this post or if there's anything I need to improve on. I can't do this without you!