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A lot of people don't know that fashion is one of the most environmentally polluting industries in the world along with oil. Twenty years ago, styles and trends would change about every few months. These days though, trends are being stocked and restocked about every week or so. This is where the term Fast Fashion comes from.The way we buy and discard clothing is damaging our planet more than we could ever fathom. It's not just the remnants of our over cumsumption that are risking the wellbeing of our planet, the damage begins at the very start of the process of making the garments that we wear. From the pesticides used to grow the cotton, to the countless amounts of natural (and finite) resources used to dye the cloth, and even the health and treatment of the women, men and even children working like slaves to make that garment. Buying used is better because 
  1. You're no longer suppporting the company that practices unfair work ethics
  2. You're cutting down on waste by preventing that garment from entering the landfill
  3. Saving natural resources 

I started going cruelty free about three years ago and before this year my interest was only in buying and even making better beauty and personal hygiene products. I knew of people that dedicated their lives to making as little trash as possible and I had been exposed to minimalism but I didn't know a whole lot about the effects fast fashion has on our world and the people in it. Earlier this year (2017) I decided to make it a priority to only buy used clothing. I've never really been one to make and keep a New Years resolution but this time was different.

Buying used clothing is a completely different ball game compared to buying something new at a store or online. It's something that includes a lot of trial and error. Over time you learn from your mistakes and build a strategy. One thing I always try to remember before buying anything used online is to ask the seller if there are any flaws. Believe me, you do not want to get stuck with something that you loved online only to get it and realize that it has a huge stain or rip that might not be able to be fixed. Another important rule for buying used clothing online is to know your size. Now, this can be tricky since a lot of brands have strange sizing. If you're not sure about a purchase for any reason its probably a better choice to seek out something similar at Goodwill or at a Plato's Closet.

There's more than just two ways to shop for used clothing. Of course there's Goodwill and other thrift stores but there are also some great ways to find used clothing online these days.My favorite apps for finding used clothing are ThredUp and Poshmark. I have tried other apps but none of them seem to be able to live up to ThredUp and Poshmark's standards. Another idea is to host a clothing swap party. Gather up your friends and see what they're willing to part with from their closets. The best part about this idea is that its free!

This year I bought:

(Faux leather hoodie-brand: Forever 21-bought on Depop app- $15)

(Love pencil skirt- brand:Topshop- bought:Depop app-$15)

(Drawstring waist dress + Halter bralette- brand:Olive & Oak + H&M- bought: Poshmark- $20-$18)

(Triangle cuff + chain bracelet + Turquoise pendant necklace-bought: Poshmark, Depop, Depop- $11-$10-$10)
I also bought:
Lace yoke top (used) Goodwill-$3
Statement necklace tee (used) Goodwill-$6
Cream lace kimono (used) Poshmark-$20
Double buckle waist belt (used) Poshmark-$8
Moto leggings (new) Nordstrom-$29
Button down skirt (new) Asos-$36

Through this experience I've been able to hone in on my sense of style and really choose pieces that I know I'll wear. I also like it better than buying new because I'm less likely to buy something that everyone else is wearing. If you like this please share, comment and/or subscribe. Please let me know how much you enjoyed this post or if there's anything I need to improve on. I can't do this without you!