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When I was little I wore a medical ID bracelet because I had asthma. Twelve years later, I recently bought a new medical ID bracelet since the old one got lost. These days, with the progression of my disease and new symptoms popping up every few years, I have many more medical conditions to engrave on a bracelet than just asthma.
  1. In case an emergency happens and you're unresponsive a medical ID is important to have for a couple reasons: It lets first responders and doctors know what condition(s) you have so that they know how best to treat you. 
  2.  It helps the nurses know who to call so they can get the proper medical information. Both these things are crucial in a life or death situation.
 I not only know this from watching many ER shows on television but because I myself have been picked up by paramedics and have been in the emergency room on numerous occasions.

If you didn't know, there is actually more than one form of medical ID. Some people prefer to have a necklace instead of a bracelet. Or you can choose to have a simple medical ID card in your wallet with all your important medical info on it. You could even choose to have a flash drive in the shape of a bracelet that a doctor can upload onto a computer and have instant access to your information. As a woman I wanted something that resembled a piece of jewelry.

Some medical ID jewelry can be pretty expensive so before starting your search you should first establish a budget. I stuck to under $50 including the engraving which was $17. Just remember that you’ll want something that's going to last for a while, so more money usually equals better quality. Another tip to help you stay on budget is to always look in the sale section before anything else. You never know, you might find something you love at a great price.

There are many places to buy a medical ID depending on what form you prefer. My top websites to look for a bracelet were:
All these sites carry a wide range of medical ID jewelry for men, women and children. These specific sites stood out to me because of the beautiful bracelets for woman. I ended up choosing the Vienna bracelet from because it can be worn in the water and if any of my information changes I can just order a new ID tag and easily attach it to my bracelet thanks to the lobster claws. The price for this bracelet was $19.99. plus $17 for the engraving and $4 shipping. The nice thing was I didn't have to pay extra for a tag because it came with the bracelet.

When it came to deciding what to have engraved on the tag I tried to put myself in a doctor’s shoes and what they would consider important information. Instead of having my disease engraved I decided that it would be better to list the most crucial symptoms that would affect any treatment methods. For example, instead of Mitochondrial Myopathy I decided on Cardiomyopathy and Malignant Hyperthermia. I also chose to have one of my doctor’s phone numbers and an ICE (In Case of Emergency) phone number on the bracelet as my contact info. Be aware that there might not be enough room on the tag to fit everything you want, so choose wisely. I also suggest getting a tag that can be engraved on the front of the tag as well if you run out of room on the back. 

The best type of engraving to have done is called laser engraving. Unlike traditional engraving which involves a tool etching the words into the metal, laser engraving is the act of using a laser beam to make contrast markings. Traditional etched engraving can wear down over time but laser engraving doesn't,  which is why it’s recommended for children's jewelry. This method can not be achieved on sterling silver or gold. Only on stainless steel.

 I hope you found this article helpful and that you find a medical ID that’s right for you and/or your loved one. If you like this please share, comment and/or subscribe. Please let me know how much you enjoyed this post or if there's anything I need to improve on. I can't do this without you!